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This is the Day: All Dolled Up

All photos courtesy of Enigma Productions.

So, everything was good to go, all I needed to do was get dressed.

I like to be on time. I prefer to be early. So instead of the frantic hour before the wedding, I just kinda waited around for everyone then finally figured I might as well get dressed. That half hour right before the wedding slowed down. It seemed like 2 o’clock would never come.

A few words on dresses. I was pretty adamant that neither I nor my bridesmaids would wear strapless. I figured since I wouldn’t do it normally in church, why would I do it on this most important day? That being said, I realize our dresses aren’t super modest either. Well, I tried. At least there were no awkward pulling up the dress moments!

First the girls got dressed.

The girls wore J. Crew Sophia dresses. I wasn’t too worried about what they would wear, but I did want it to be a cotton sundress. Navy was an easy color that looks good on everybody, though I did really like the champagne color, too. That got vetoed pretty fast. I think navy falls into the “it is possible to wear it again” category, but I don’t know if any of them have since.

My turn.

Every bride has their dress hanging up picture. And I think mine is pretty cool. We got dressed in the church library because no one was there to meet us when we got there, and it was the only room unlocked. Apparently we weren’t supposed to. *oops*. Anyway, it drives me quite crazy that a) it’s hung on an ugly plastic hanger, and b) the the straps are slouched down like that. Why didn’t I just fix it? I think I was a little too unfocused on the details. Maybe you can be too relaxed on your wedding day!

Time to get in the dress.

Apparently it was really hard to get me into my dress. The photographer wanted that “moment” where they all help me into the dress. Unfortunately, the snaps were clear and it created a tense moment of my mom and sister trying to convince me there were no snaps on my dress, and everyone wanting to give it a try. Can you see how many hands are trying to go for it?

Finally I convinced them to just let me do it. I mean, I was the one who had been trying it on all this time anyway!

A few last make up touches. My little sis bought me some lipstick before the wedding because she knew I was a poor former JV and wouldn’t have done it myself!

I think this picture is kinda awesome. I remember the photographer saying the dirty mirror was “killing him.” But I like the effect. It makes it look like a rainy window. Maybe its just me, but its one of my favorites.

My little sister decided to help me with my earrings. I don’t think it ultimately worked out and I probably did it again myself, but it makes for a darling picture. Especially the way my flower girl/cousin is looking at me. I smile every time I see this picture.

But that reminds me. Earring drama. Years ago, when I left my college apartment, I drove myself home in my 2 door car. Not everything fit, and I left 3 boxes at a family friend’s house. His son would be coming by my parents house in a few weeks and could drop the boxes off then. Plans changed, and I didn’t see those boxes for 2 years. The friend was a Deacon, the one who was marrying us in fact, and he promised to bring the boxes with him for the wedding. I don’t know why I left the box with some of my most precious things at their house, but I did. One of the things in the box was my favorite pair of earrings, ones that my grandmother had given me when I graduated from high school. Simple, elegant drop pearl earrings. I knew I would wear them on my wedding day before I had anything else picked out. Unfortunately the box didn’t get dropped off until the day after my wedding. I ended up borrowing some simple pearl earrings from my mother. Not quite what I wanted, but I had my something borrowed.

I just look so pretty now, don’t I? I remember feeling very pretty. Fun times.

One last word on my bouquet. I don’t have a good picture of it, but my something old was a handkerchief that my Godmother gave me for my first communion that she had carried in her wedding. My something blue was a rosary that my mom had lent me. I had trouble wrapping it around the bouquet though, and so this is what we were trying to figure out here!

Okay, finally we were all dressed. One more thing to take care of before we head down the aisle, though!

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This is the Day: Flower Drama

Everyone needs a little bit of drama on their wedding day, right?

There was one last bit of wedding detail to take care of, and this is a bit that I’m a little bit ashamed of. We got to the church and the flowers were there, and well, they were okay. Just okay. One of the flowers I said I really hated (aster lillies) were there. I didn’t know the name of them, but I do remember the florist pointing to them and asking if I liked them. I responded with a vehement, no! But then, they were there, all over the bouquets.

(They are also in my bridesmaid’s hair. My sister asked if she could wear a rose or something in her hair and I said sure go for it. She called the florist and the florist said she would give her some flowers that were going to be in the bouquets. She picked up flowers from the florist that morning, and the florist had given her aster lillies. I didn’t really care. I wanted my bridesmaids to feel pretty. And they were. They all chose to wear a few flowers in their hair. Even though I didn’t like the specific flower, it was a nice touch.)

Anyway, I digress. The flowers arrived and I saw those little aster lillies. I apparently had agreed to them on the contract, but heck, I didn’t know what flower was which. The flowers that I had envisioned – soft yellows and pinks and peaches weren’t there. There were bright summery yellows and oranges, however. I was disappointed, but not bummed.

I made one of those can’t-take-it-back mistakes and mentioned it to my mom. She went into panic mode. She started running around and asked me 3 or 4 times if I wanted the florist to come fix it. Of course not, the wedding was in half an hour and its not a huge deal. She threw the phone at my sister and told her to fix it.

My sister called the florist who came running down to the church on her day off. She was incredibly apologetic, even though the whole thing was just  a misunderstanding.

She brought some flowers with her and though she only had time to fix mine, I was thrilled with the result.

Much softer and much closer to what I had imagined. Beautiful. I still wasn’t thrilled with all of the flowers, but I was so happy that she came and fixed it.

So with my mini-Bridezilla moment over, it was timed to get dressed.

(all photos by Enigma Productions)

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I thought I would do a few posts on my wedding. I won’t get them all done in a row, so you’ll have to check back to see when they’re up!

Want to see more? Click below!


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>Reality check

>So I have a fair amount of downtime at work, which involves a lot piddling around on the computer. Which…recently…has ended up on a lot of wedding websites. It seems like there is an endless number of things which I am supposed to decide between…what kind of shoes to wear (high heel, low heel, flat, peep toe, sandal, pump). How to do my hair (up, down, chignon, braided, curled).

But to be honest, it gets tough to care about having blue favors verses yellow favors when someone interrupts my idle day dreaming by telling me that they were beat up the night before. Or I have to call 911 because someone tried to kill their self. Or when I stop to realize that this will cost in a day more than I make in a year. Or many years of doing JVC.
Not to say I’m not having the typical wedding stress. But I do realize that at the end of the day, details are just details. Besides, most of it is taken care of: date, church, officiant, dress, bridesmaid dresses, photographer, florist. But no, we probably won’t have a color scheme or memorable centerpieces. We’re not going to try very hard to have “unique” invitations or the most unique cake topper. Its just not worth the effort.
But what I have learned that I want is friends, family, music (we do still need to take care of that one), and an an ice cold beer. And a husband. That’ll be nice.

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>He asked…

>I said yes!

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>A River Runs Through It


Laura’s wedding:

Priest Lake, ID:
John and I at Hempfest in Moscow, ID:
Spokane during Bloomsday:

I just relived “A River Runs Through It” this weekend. 

I spent Labor Day weekend fly-fishing with John and his dad at their families cabin, circa 1930s. What John didn’t tell me in all the many times that he told me how great the cabin is and how its one of his favorite places, is that all of the women in the family refused to spend the night at the cabin.
(Which is fair: there was no running water/electricity, but there was a mouse)
But really, it was pretty fun. Nice to get away, enjoy the sun, see the mountains. And I even caught my first fish! First fly-fished fish anyway. 
Here is a pic of Missoula, not mine though, I just stole this one:


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