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>Bikes and basketball

>So I won the NCAA Tournament Bracket pool we did. $55. Not too shabby, eh? GO TARHEELS!

And with my winnings I bought a bike!

A $25 beater. Actually, it’s not that bad. It needs new tires, tape on the handlebars, some oil and a little love but its in pretty good shape. It’s a women’s Schwinn World. Probably at least 15 years old. So I’m planning on spending the weekend fixing up the bike, because luckily (and suddenly) the weather has turned…

into Spring! So maybe we got a couple of inches of snow last week. I must thank Spokane for giving me a true taste of an Inland Northwest winter. I would’ve hated to spend a year on the other side of the country and miss the snowiest winter on record. There is still a pile of snow in our playground.

I’m turning into a Spokanite. In winter, Spokanites complain about the winter and in spring, summer, and fall they talk about about bad the winter was. So moving on…spring so far seems lovely. Time to start planting our preschool garden! More on that when we’ve gotten in started.


Do something to change the world: Enjoy spring and take a bike ride!


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